SolidCAM台灣總代理 廣來科技有限公司
Hand sealer (5mm)
  • Aluminum with powder coating.
  • Sealing time adjustable.
  • Ideal for PE, PP, OPP, PVC, OPF, NY, aluminum, tin-foil bag.
  • Warranty provided.
  • Manufacture of place: Taiwan 
Hand type impulse sealer specification:
 Model No.  UH-205  UH-305  UH-405
 Voltage  110V, 220V  110V, 220V  110V, 220V
 Max. Sealing   200 x 5mm  300 x 5mm  400 x 5mm
 Weight  2.8 kgs  3.6 kgs  5.3 kgs
 Dimension  320 x 80 x 215mm  430 x 80 x 255mm  530 x 90 x 270mm